Year: 1998
Material: Northern pine, oiled
Size: approx. H 560 x B 700 x D 700 mm
Production: LindnerimNorden
On behalf of: Initiative of the designer

Designreport, one of the most well-renowned German design magazines, writes:
…the Hamburg designer Sandra Lindner doesn’t have a thing against beautiful orchestrations. They should, however, be reduced to just a few things. Such is the case with her ‘Christmas tree for purists’ as she calls her wooden frame made of numerous oiled wooden beams from northern pine. The advantage: you can put it on display before Christmas …

The x-mas tree is assembled in cooperation with handcrafter’s studios for the physically and mentally challenged. This offers a sustainable and socially compatible method of production. The 13 arms, each of a different length, all come from one single piece of wood and are mounted on a central pivot spindle.

The x-mas tree is delivered in a high quality box in which it can be stored for the rest of the year.