Year: 1998
Material: Oak, oiled
Size: approx. H 500 x B 500 x D 500 mm
approx. H 450 x B 450 x D 350 mm
Production: LindnerimNorden
On behalf of: Law Office, Hamburg

From four parts that are the same, two different frame elements are created and connected to one another. The push fit fitting replaces a pivot pin and allows for the particularly flat, space-saving storage of the stool.

The frame consists of a square, cross section timber cut while the seat is of greased cowhide.

The large and small stools were designed together with the x-Tisch (x-Table) for a non-conformist law office. A meeting table and seating was only to be set up when required. Beyond the desk and desk chair, the more-or-less empty room was otherwise highly appreciated.