Year: 1997/1998
Material: Limoges porcelain, white
Inner surface: transparent or grey glaze
Outer surface: unglazed, fine polish
Size: approx. H 30 x B 200 x D 200 mm
Production: LindnerimNorden

With the Verform bowls, Sandra Lindner continues to experiment with random processes in design while pushing the limits between serial production and the creation of one-of-a-kind objects. She already successfully implemented this approach to industrial artwork with the Verform lamp and the Verform luminaire.

The delicate bowls’ body is two millimetres in size or less. Poured into a form and glazed on the outside, each bowl’s shape differs as its material bends and arches during the latter stages of the manufacturing process. Each piece is therefore unique.

The Verform bowl has been shown at the Frankfurt Fair (Frankfurt Messe), at “Maison & objet” in Paris and at Stylepark in Cologne.