Year: 1998
Material: Oak, oiled
Maße: Made to measure
with maintenance of proportion
Production: LindnerimNorden
On behalf of: Initiative of the designer

Functionality with the utterly reduced use of form.

The horizontal and vertical sides are made of equally thick timber beams so that it makes no difference on what side they stand.

The elements in the Occasion series complement one another perfectly. Different needs allow for their use in different functions and mix-and-match variations.

- The shelving unit is put together by several consoles
- The stools create the middle section of the shelving unit
- The footrests create small compartments within the shelves
- The footrest underneath the consoles serves as an additional storage space

By combining the footstool and the stool, a comfortable step is made.

The footrest is 225 mm in height.
The console is 350 mm high.
The stool is 450 mm high.
The bank (seating area without a backrest) is 450 mm in height.