Year: 2002
Material: Wool from a karakul sheep made into felt
Size: Upon request
Height of the individual LOOPs: approx. 10 mm
Production: LindnerimNorden
On behalf of: Initiative of the designer

The design element in the ‘cords’– small, hand-sewn folds, is that it is usually a type of workmanship employed in the clothing industry. As with the carpet Friedrich, Sandra Lindner transfers this idea to the domain of interior design.

Dependent upon the quality of the material used and its manufacturing, felts of various strengths and consistencies are created. This variability makes felt one of Sandra Lindner’s favourite materials.

It is quite comfortable to walk or lay on LOOP because it is made with a particularly thick felt from karakul sheep’s wool. Its colouring is subject to natural deviations so that each batch of wool looks a little different.

Design Report wrote the following about LOOP: “It’s a one of a kind on the carpet marketplace – available in serial production”.