Year: 2003 and 2005
Sales: La Siesta GmbH, Germany
Production: La Siesta GmbH, Germany
On behalf of: La Siesta GmbH, Germany

It’s simply fun to lie in a hammock!

Sandra Lindner very much enjoyed creating the “La Siesta” woven hammocks, integrating traditional, Brazilian colour patters.

“Baiana” and “Sonriente” are in light, summer colours, whereas “Arhuaco” is black and white.

The material is woven on traditional hand looms and the fringes are twisted by hand.

“Baiana” has thick stripes in different colour variations.

The subtly striped hammock “Sonriente” is available in two variations: green-blue-yellow or pink-orange-yellow and is made of weatherproof yarn.

The two-person hammock “Arhuaco” has thick, black and white stripes and fits-in well in a number of surroundings. Sandra Lindner applied the weft thread in white in parts of the matting and in black in others, creating optically different shades of grey. A thin red stripe functions as an additional design element.