Year: 2003
Material: varnished surfaces, stainless steel, corian
Size: custom-fit
Production: LindnerimNorden
On behalf of: contract work for an individual

The COOK kitchen was created during the remodelling of a studio. It was developed according to the individual needs of the residents. Particularly high demands were placed on the design of the kitchen as the room in which the kitchen was located was to have different functions during the course of the day.

To fulfill these needs, Sandra Lindner chose a conservative, clear design with shiny surfaces.

The drawers have an inward tilted, continuous handle bar made of stainless steel. It creates the horizontal face of the cupboard space, which was built for functionality.

The cupboards are furnished with metal fittings that are easy and quite comfortable to use.

The mobile containers are made with smooth, stabile rollers and the same stainless steel handles as the cupboards mounted on the wall.

The model shown is done in two grey tones with an orange varnish. The inside of the cabinets and the drawers also have a coloured varnish.