Year: 2010
Material: Wooden planks for interior use
Size: one module has the following measurements
approx. H 35 x B 1100 x D 700 mm
Production: LindnerimNorden
On behalf of: Created for a competition in Germany and France on “Sustainability”

A sustainable wooden floor.
Each segment of the wooden flooring follows a well thought through use of materials which are neither pasted nor screwed. Pinhua mudiban follows ‘cradle to cradle’ and ‘slow living’ principles in terms of social, ecological and commercial factors.
Pinhua mudiban flooring and the accompanying baseboards are derived from wooden planks for interior settings. Each element is worked into mosaic-like units and mounted on carrier plates made of pressed natural fibres. The mosaic-like units can be mounted or dismounted from the carrier plates using a click-in / click-out system.
The variety of woods offers the customer a one-of-a-kind product. It is also possible to manufacture the flooring with metal pins.