Year: 1991 / 1994
Material: 1: cotton voile with linen
2: silk organza
3: Duchesse cotton with linen
Maße: 1: breadth approx. 1450 mm
2: breadth approx. 1600 mm
3: breadth approx. 1600 mm
Production: Private collection Sandra Lindner

How does an individual item react in the context of its own transformation and multiplication? This question interested Sandra Lindner quite early on.

During her studies in design at the University of Fine Arts (Hochschule für Bildende Künste) in Hamburg, this approach turned into a fundamental idea, which she calls “working with one and the same piece”. Since then, this idea has pervaded throughout her work.

For this early art, she initially contemplated a constellation of hand drawn lines. The arrangement of a design in a simple, repeating pattern and the impact of these repeating patterns were also of central importance.

The silk screen prints on fabrics of various qualities are part of the designer’s private collection.