Year: 1997/1998
Material: GREEN: 100% silk, coloured feathers, Venetian glass beaded flowers
GOLD: reel of silk netting woven together with nylon
SKY BLUE: filament yarn and nylon, pearls
WHITE: silk and elasthane, pearls and Venetian glass beads
Production: LindnerimNorden
On behalf of: Haute couture establishment, Paris
for an actress

The hand-woven materials by Sandra Linder are absolutely unique. This collection is made of fabrics with yarns that are woven closely together in some areas and loosely in others.

GREEN: twisted silk thread in satin weave with pearls and feathers woven-in and glass beads attached.

The actress inherited the Venetian glass beaded flowers. The entire collection was based on their colouring, and, using them as a guide, new blooms were created. Pearls and glass beaded flowers were ordered according to the cut of the dress. The trim of the dress was a brilliant 18 cm pearl hemline. Woven-in feathers gave the material more dimensionality, variations in colour and conveyed a feeling of ease and lightness.

GOLD: Reels of silk in alternating plain weave.

The fabric is woven with close-knit and loose sections of warp thread. In this way, the material can be used to make both a purse and a shawl as it is strong and, at the same time, elegant and flowing.

SKY BLUE: The almost white filament yarn was woven with close-knit and looser warp thread. A discrete layering of ice blue pearls that are silver on the inside was added to the fabric.

Once the gown was completed, select areas of the upper part of the filament fabric were gently cut open. This enabled a subtle view of the pearls, giving the material additional lustre and a discrete colouring; both layers playing with the exposure to light.

WHITE: The mixture of silk with elasthane allows the material to expand and retract in a way that certain threads are taut in extension while others fall slack.

The fringe of the coat and evening gown are adorned with glass droplets from France.