Year: 2004
Material: velours paper and gold leaf
Size: approx. H 3400 x B 1200 mm
Production: LindnerimNorden
On behalf of: Initiative of the designer

If mounted vertically, GoldenEye creates a “shooting star” effect: when looking up, the observer gets the feeling they are being sprinkled with gold, just as if they were standing in glistening light.

If mounted horizontally, golden eyes wink at the beholder when moving past the paper in one direction, as if walking into the sun. Returning in the other direction, the velvety, black figures each show a sliver of a moon in gold. Do they perhaps hold a secret untold?

The wallpaper variation in silver shows small, magical night time creatures in the moonlight. Its fragile pattern is divided into small sections. Here a soft grey is mixed with silver leaf gilding on velours paper.

Both the gold and silver versions bring walls to life and, depending on the type of lighting used, can create entirely different atmospheres again and again.

The metal applied to the paper gives the silver “wings” and golden “eyes” flexibility and strength. If, in passing by, one comes in contact with them, they change position slightly and offer the beholder an entirely new optical experience.