Formally trained in the use of metal and textiles, Sandra Lindner, born in 1974 and originally from the state Baden-Württemberg, completed three handicraft apprenticeships. Studies with Professor Lambert Rosenbusch at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg (Hochschule für Bildende Künste) and a degree in Industrial Design, as well as studies in architecture rounded off her education. In 1996 she founded “Lindner im Norden” (Lindner in the north).

ClassiCon is responsible for the sale of the Lindner lamp Selene, available in five different sizes. Sir Terence Conran integrated the classic glass ball into the décor at the Café Drechsler in Vienna. It can also be found at the Schirn Art Gallery in Frankfurt and the Riverside Hotel in Hamburg.

One of Lindner’s fundamental principles is that of a “one piece object” and it pervades in almost all her work. In her x-mas tree, this principle is both simple and logical: functionality and manufacturing technology are combined in slender, square cut timber to create a brilliant Christmas tree.

The handicraft involved in serial production is embraced in the luminaire Verform. The prefabrication follows standards of industrial manufacturing but its completion involves porcelain, which is subsequently rendered to a slightly random shaping.

The questions that sustainability issues currently raise are integral to Lindner’s work, as is the unique quality that natural raw materials possess.

Honoured for her “wonderfully reduced design”, Lindner received the Elle Decoration Newcomer award in 2007.