Year: 2005
Material: mouth-blown glass ball
crown with 5 clips and dust hood made of black, powder-coated metal
Size: Diameter of glass ball
200 / 250 / 300 / 350 or 450 mm with minor variations
Cable length up to 2500 mm
Production: ClassiCon

Sandra Lindners glass ball Selene was selected for the decoration of Café Drechsler in Vienna by Sir Terence Conran. She also lights the Schirn Art Gallery in Frankfurt and the Riverside Hotel in Hamburg.

In the same year she was created, Selene was integrated into ClassiCon’s contemporary line. The reason for the luminaire’s success is quite simple:

“. . . Our modern, classic works are collector’s items, not just ‘Meisterwerke’ from the past, but also of tomorrow. In particular, it’s about bringing forth one-of-a-kind pieces that, through their originality and formal perfection, possess the potential to become classic works themselves someday.”