Year: 2006
Material: bone china, white
transparent glaze
Size: Sugar bowl approx. H 53 x B 75 x D 75 mm
Tea bowl, 0,2 L approx. H 53 x B 105 x D 105 mm
Saucer / cover approx. H 4 x B 110 x D 110 mm
Teacup, 0,3 L approx. H 110 x B 84 x D 84 mm
Teapot, approx. H 120 x B 105 x D 105 mm
Tea caddy with cover approx. H 206 x B 112 x T 112 mm
Tray H 39 x B 345 x D 7240 mm
Production: Market Grounds GmbH & Co
On behalf of: Market Grounds GmbH & Co, Hamburg

With the brand “Just t”, Market Grounds produces high-end teas for gastronomy and hotels worldwide.

The goal of the newly designed tea service is to discreetly emphasize the enjoyment of tea. With this in mind, the set, developed for use in gastronomy, is characterized by a series of clear lines.

Highly simplified, the “Just-t” form results from a body that is reduced solely in the inner wall. The edges are as thin as is required for use in gastronomy and are slightly articulated toward the inside.

A tea bowl and teacups with covers / side plates, sugar bowl, tea caddy, teapot and tray constitute the tea service. The bowls and cups have a base that creates a shadow gap and supports the elegance of the moulding.

The white dishware has a transparent glaze. The lids of the teapot, sugar bowl, tea caddy, teacups and bowls, as well as the side plates are furnished with an unglazed recess in which a tea leaf appears.

The set is designed so that all the ingredients and utensils required for drinking tea can be transported on the tray to the breakfast table.

To support the product branding, Sandra Lindner developed a porcelain tea caddy made of in the same style.

It is to be noted that Sandra Lindner also developed the “Just t” trademark imprinted at the base of the dishware.