Year: 2010
The wooden flooring was created with very particular principles in mind: avoiding waste and reducing carbon dioxide production. It was also key that the life expectancy of the wood – a valuable raw material – be extended as long as possible.

Year 2005
Ageless, suspended lamp.

Year 1998
This furniture series is beneficial in mixed-use settings. Each piece can stand alone or be used in combination with other Occasion objects.

The Occasion furniture pieces are particularly well suited to being combined in mix-and-match variations.

Year 1997 / 1998
The Verform lamp was first displayed at Stylepark in Cologne and won the Light Prize at the “Blickfang” fair in Stuttgart.

Year 2004
This wallpaper just makes you happy

Year 1997 / 1998
The Verform luminaires (altered luminaire) diffuse soft light both inside and out.

Year 1997 / 1998
Continual work on the topic: ‘altering an object’s shape’.

Year 2002
The large bowls have neither a rim nor base: a handy crafter’s challenge, but simply “form” for the design.

Year 2002
The cording for the carpet LOOP is sewn by hand. Each piece is therefore one of a kind; slight irregularities give each carpet individuality and character.

Year 1997
A household in Ticino, Switzerland required light, particularly warm blankets.

Year 1998
x-mas tree was created on a cold winter’s night in an (almost) empty woodworker’s studio.

Year 2005
Dining table with a simple, reduced form: large and strong in design and material.

Year 2000
Light armchair without cushioning that takes up little optical room.

Year 2003
The customized kitchen.

Year 2003 / 2004
Fulfillment of a childhood dream.

Year 1998
The x-Tisch: stable, strong and easy to store.

Year 2006
Sophisticated tee set for gastronomy.

Year 1991 / 1994
Repeating individual motifs.

Year 1997 / 1998
Dressing a diva for success at the Cannes film festival: a green dress with a golden evening bag and golden shawl, and a sky blue evening gown for the reception. A coat and dress ensemble were worn at a private event – and we’re not to reveal any details!

Year 2003 and 2005
Colourful hammock produced on traditional handlooms.

Year 2005
Generous, technically reduced table with glass or wooden tabletop.

Year 1999
The generous table offers space for 20 people under an open sky.

Year 2007
Conceptualized to be functional: trestle with stylized trees.

Year 2006
Generous, clearly arranged trade fair stand for small pieced products.

Year 1998
Black steel folded in the form of a table.

Year 2005
Carpet with a unique fringe.

Year 1998
The x-Hocker – simply pure form.